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[KB_45] - Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A0046). Permission denied. calendar.asp, line 3148
You recieve this error when you try to export the calendar or an event to a .vcs file.

This error is generated when you click the "Export to VCal" icon on the tool bar or you click the "Export to VCal" icon on the event details pop-up.


This error is generated when the script tries to temporarily save the .vcs file to a location on your server and then push it to the clients browser.  The default IIS user on your server doesn't have the correct permissions to that temporary folder that the file is being sent to in order to create the file and then delete it after the file has been pushed to the browser.

The temporary folder used by the script is the "calendar/eventimages" folder.


You can easily correct this problem by granting the default IIS user on your server "FULL CONTROL" over the "calendar/eventimages" folder.

If you are running the script on a web hosts server you may have a utility that is part of a web based control panel that allows you to set permissions on files and folders... if so you can use that utility to correctly set the permissions on the folder.

This folder is also the folder that the script uploads any event images/files to... if you also receive an error when trying to upload images or attachments to an event correcting these permissions will also fix that problem.
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